Release notes is where you will find the most up-to-date information about the game.

Release NotesEdit

Server Patch 17 (Apr.21,2010)

FIX: Troops not coming back with transportation or reinforcement

Server Patch 16 (Apr.20,2010):

ADD: Critical Hits (Unit with higher speed will cause more critical hits)

FIX: A battle bug that troops loss will double each round

FIX: Fight cost gold bug

CHANGE: Troops will return to main city when building new city

CHANGE: Transport, Reinforce will not cost health

1.0.5 Release Notes (Apr.21,2010):

FIX: City place select problem

FIX: Can't send troops problem

1.0.4 Release Notes (Apr.20,2010):

ADD: Poll system

ADD: Preferences for notifications

ADD: Preferences for autologin (Disable before logging into other servers)

ADD: Preferences for reset account(Can't use referral code after reset)

ADD: A confirmation alert when sending troops

ADD: Click to send mail to friend, Click to send mail in world chat

FIX: Chest stack problem

FIX: Recruit & Research display error across different cities

CHANGE: Long click city to focus

CHANGE: Long click marks to rename or delete And other minor fixes

Server patch 12 (Apr.14,2010):

CHANGE: Melee units are stronger

CHANGE: Ranged units' damage is reduced

CHANGE: Militia Defense 10->15

CHANGE: Swordsman Defense 12->25

CHANGE: Centurion Defense 30->40

CHANGE: Bowman Attack 15->12

CHANGE: Longbowman Attack 20->15

1.0.2 Release Notes (Apr.12,2010):

FIX: Wrong number assignment when sending troops to fight(Not enough troops error)

FIX: Fight report in landscape mode

FIX: Sometimes fight reports are missing

FIX: Sometimes buildings are not displayed after login

FIX: Upgrade discount display

FIX: Troop properties with upgrade display

ADD: Treasure Hunt, send spies to search treasures

ADD: On screen recruit/research indicator

ADD: Leaderboard with country and title

ADD: Option menu & Context menu to remove marks

CHANGE: One hour cool down time for world chat instead of 30 mana

1.0.1 Release Notes (Apr.5,2010):

FIX: frequent crash problem

FIX: fighting problem

FIX: map error when select mark from city

FIX: some views are not displayed well in landscape mode.

ADD: A sound switch on loading screen to disable music & sound

ADD: Option menu to delete reports & mails

Release Notes EndEdit